What If?

What If?

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This easy-to-read book gives the beginnings of answers to some of life’s biggest questions, about God, Jesus, the Bible and you. Some of the questions featured include ‘What if science gets rid of God?’, ‘What if we can trust the Bible?’ and ‘What if I don’t feel like a Christian?’. Whether they flip through it to read about their most burning questions, or read it cover to cover, this book will help teens on their journey to finding the answers!


ISBN 978-1-925041-46-0
Type Paperback
Pages 196
Released 2014
Imprint Fervr

Kristen Young has lived in lots of different places, but no matter where she is, she loves to tell people about Jesus. She has studied psychology and theology, linguistics and English literature at university and Bible College. She lives and works in the Blue Mountains, NSW, and enjoys writing, teaching, and sharing with people how awesome Jesus is.


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