The Best Sex for Life (eBook)

The Best Sex for Life (eBook)

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A good marriage includes intimacy that is happy and fulfilling—that's the way God planned it!

The world would have us believe that we're entitled to intimacy that's frequent and exciting. And if it's not, it's usually our spouse's fault, and we should look elsewhere.

Whether you're feeling dissatisfied or simply looking for some extra spice, The Best Sex for Life will help you to understand God's purpose for sexuality and to shift your approach to intimacy. It discusses day-to-day activities plus hot topics like premarital sex, infidelity and pornography.

No matter whether you are engaged, a newlywed or have been married for many years, Dr Patricia Weerakoon helps you understand God's purpose for sexuality and intimacy and explored how Christian couples at every stage can apply this to daily life.

Includes chapters on:

  • A theology of biblical sexology
  • Understanding your body as a sexual organ
  • Premarital Sexuality ‘Diamond Ring to Wedding Band’
  • Honeymoon Sexpectations
  • Marriage: Spiced up Sanctification
  • Good sex in marriage
  • Grow old with me: Sex and the 60+


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Type eBook
Released 2013; eBook Released 2016
Imprint Growing Faith

Patricia Weerakoon has been a sex educator, researcher and therapist in America, Sri Lanka and Australia for more than 25 years. As the director of a graduate sexual health program for the University of Sydney, Patricia worked closely with fellow sexologists in India, Europe, South Africa, America and the United Kingdom. Recently retired, Patricia now lives in Sydney, Australia where she spends her time speaking at conferences and in churches and high schools, and participating in media debates on controversial topics about sex. She is the best-selling author of Teen Sex By the Book.

Patricia Weerakoon brings together in one person three remarkable characteristics: mature faith marked by her passionate and articulate commitment to biblically-grounded wisdom and standards for marital life, outstanding professional knowledge as a trained sexologist and physician with extensive professional and clinical experience, and a gift for teaching and sharing her knowledge to bless others. The Best Sex for Life is now at the top of my list as a recommendation for couples of all ages who want to grow in the joy of their experience of physical intimacy.

- Stanton L. Jones, PhD; Provost and Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College, and author of the God’s Design for Sex family sex education book series

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