Teen Sex by the Book

Teen Sex by the Book

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Messages about sexuality are everywhere it's not something teenagers need to go looking for.

Written for teenagers, this book answers the questions teenagers have about sexuality and relationships. Renown sex therapist and educator Dr Patricia Weerakoon explores the topics of sexual desire and arousal, falling in love, and dating—things like, ‘How far is too far?’ It also covers topics like cybersex, pornography and homosexuality, and the effects these can have on love and intimacy. The discussion is frank and, in parts, explicit.  

Teens may find it a little uncomfortable, but it’s stuff that will inform and challenge them. Ultimately, it calls you to consider who you are and what you stand for. Discover how living God’s countercultural lifestyle leads to healthy intimacy and satisfying relationships that last a lifetime. 


ISBN 978-1-925492-00-2
Type Paperback
Pages 221
Released 2013
Revised July 2016
Imprint Fervr

Patricia Weerakoon has been a sex educator, researcher and therapist in America, Sri Lanka and Australia for more than 25 years. As the director of a graduate sexual health program for the University of Sydney, Patricia worked closely with fellow sexologists in India, Europe, South Africa, America and the United Kingdom. Recently retired, Patricia now lives in Sydney, Australia where she spends her time speaking at conferences and in churches and high schools, and participating in media debates on controversial topics about sex. 

As a sex therapist I loved the book. It is medically and statistically accurate, and Patricia does not shy away from the big issues and behaviours of teens today. (Read More)
- Dr Amelia Haines, Sex Therapist

Teen Sex by the Book will not only help answer the questions that no-one else wants to deal with, it will also help you make up your own mind about sex. Well worth a read! (Read More)
- Lisa Brown, Lecturer in Youth Ministry, Ridley Mission and Ministry College

So, you’re a parent of a teenager?  You have to read this book because this will give you a glimpse into your teenager’s life that you probably wouldn’t otherwise see. (Read More)  - Steve Wakeford, Chairman of KYCK

This book is a real gift from God to parents who want to raise their children according to His ways...(Read more) - Margaret Garland, School Chaplain at Torrens Valley Christian School, SA

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