Exodus: Saved for Service

Exodus: Saved for Service

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Take a detailed look into the book of Exodus with Andrew Reid. From slavery in Egypt to the building of the tabernacle, Andrew encourages readers to explore in the amazing work of God through his servant Moses and the miraculous acts he performed to rescue his people and show the world his glory.


ISBN 978-1-921460-99-9
Type Paperback
Pages 353
Released 2013
Imprint Aquila Press

Andrew Reid is the author of several books and Bible studies including ones in the Reading the Bible Today series on Genesis, Exodus and 1 & 2 Samuel. Andrew has ministered in a number of different contexts, including Lead Pastor at Holy Trinity Doncaster, National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Chaplain at Maquarie University in Sydney and Rector of St Matthew's Anglican Church, Shenton Park in Western Australia. It was at Shenton Park that Andrew began developing the material for Salvation Begins.

He is now Principal of the Evangelical Theological College of Asia in Singapore.

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