Hebrews: The Majestic Son

Hebrews: The Majestic Son

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Learn more about the theology of Hebrews and its encouragements to faith and obedience in this commentary by Dr. Peter Adam. The questions at the end of each section are ideal for personal reflection, family discussion or small group study.


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Type eBook
Released 2004; eBook Released 2018
Imprint Aquila Press

Peter Adam's major ministries have included lecturing at St John's College Durham, UK, and serving in Melbourne as vicar of St Jude's, Carlton from 1982—2002, principal of Ridley Melbourne from 2002—2012, and Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne from 1996—2016. He was also chaplain of Melbourne University and archdeacon for parish development in the Melbourne Anglican diocese. Peter is currently vicar emeritus of St Jude's, Carlton.

This commentary belongs to an evolving series committed to brevity, and to academic integrity for busy people. The questions are designed for personal reflection, family discussion or Bible study groups. Peter Adam's style is lively and provocative. I am confident his commentary on Hebrews will indeed be a message of encouragement.

Dr Paul Barnett, Series Editor

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