Ezra and Nehemiah: Walking in God's Words

Ezra and Nehemiah: Walking in God's Words

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The books of Ezra and Nehemiah tell of the return of God's people to Jerusalem after their years in exile, and of the heartache and comfort they felt as they rebuilt their fallen city. 

In this engaging and clearly written commentary, Peter Adam highlights the power of the word of God in this period, both as it was fulfilled in the restoration of his people, and in its leaders Ezra and Nehemiah, urging them to make it the backbone of their new life.


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Type eBook
Released 2014; eBook Released 2018
Imprint Aquila Press

Peter Adam's major ministries have included lecturing at St John's College Durham, UK, and serving in Melbourne as vicar of St Jude's, Carlton from 1982—2002, principal of Ridley Melbourne from 2002—2012, and Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne from 1996—2016. He was also chaplain of Melbourne University and archdeacon for parish development in the Melbourne Anglican diocese. Peter is currently vicar emeritus of St Jude's, Carlton.

The great achievement in this book, and indeed of the series itself, is that it condenses so much in so little … It’s a valuable resource for when your church comes to this preaching series; full of solid food for preachers, every small group leader and every keen Bible reader. (Read more)
- Wei-Han Kuan, State Director, CMS Victoria 

Lofty theological concepts are no longer just for academics—not if authors Peter Adam and Andrew Reid have anything to say about it. (Read more)

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