Esther: For such a time as this

Esther: For such a time as this

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Esther is a book which has intrigued generations, with its powerful, action-packed narrative, in which God’s people find themselves in exile, and under persecution. In this moving and astounding narrative of rescue, the hand of God which is clearly seen, although not referred to. Nor is the book of Esther mentioned in the New Testament. In his thoughtful commentary, Peter Adam takes readers through the narrative of Esther, with its amazing twists and turns, and as he encourages deeper reflection on the themes of the book, he also draws out helpful questions for Christians to ponder on today, that they too may consider that God has placed them in their situation to serve him and his people ‘for such a time as this’.


ISBN 978-1-925725-97-1
Type Digital
Imprint Aquila Press

Peter Adam's major ministries have included lecturing at St John's College Durham, UK, and serving in Melbourne as vicar of St Jude's, Carlton from 1982—2002, principal of Ridley Melbourne from 2002—2012, and Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne from 1996—2016. He was also chaplain of Melbourne University and archdeacon for parish development in the Melbourne Anglican diocese. Peter is currently vicar emeritus of St Jude's, Carlton.

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