Colour the Word

Colour the Word

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Be inspired and take time out to colour and create with these beautiful hand-drawn illustrations featuring some of the Bible’s most uplifting words.

Whether you’re memorising and reflecting on God’s word, or just taking a break, make these drawings your own with pens, pencils, paints or textas!

Behind the scenes

ISBN 978-1-925041-72-9
Type Paperback
Pages 56
Released 2016
Imprint Fervr

From a very young age, Christie Leigh has loved creating beautiful pictures with pens, pencils, paints and textas, and joined every possible art club, class, competition and camp throughout school. She has also delighted in God’s word since she was seven years old and been mesmerised by the pictures the Bible gives us of God, the creator of all beauty.

Listen to an interview with Illustrator, Christie Leigh on Rise & Shine (Vision Christian Radio).


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