1 Peter: Living Hope

1 Peter: Living Hope

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The letter of 1 Peter is a broad-brush sketch of the Christian life from beginning to end. Peter begins by assuring his listeners of their beginnings (as re-born ones) and concludes by appealing to them to 'stand firm' (because the end is near). Between their beginning and the end he appeals to them to behave in a Christlike way and not to fear their enemies.

This is indeed a beautifully written and spiritually powerful letter that will bring great rewards to those who study it carefully.


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Type eBook
Released 2006; eBook Released 2018
Imprint Aquila Press

A former Anglican Bishop of North Sydney (1990–2001), Paul Barnett is a Fellow in Ancient History at Macquarie University, Teaching Fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, and Emeritus Faculty member at Moore College, Sydney. Paul is a prominent author on the history of Christianity and the life and character of Jesus.

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