Is the New Testament history?

Is the New Testament history?

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The New Testament states that at a certain time and place, God became human and lived among us. Even more, it claims that his death, resurrection and return have eternal significance for every person. Paul Barnett presents the evidence for these claims in this newly revised edition.


ISBN 978-1-876960-82-7
Type Paperback
Pages 219
Released 1986, Revised 2003
Revised Aquila Press

A former Anglican Bishop of North Sydney (1990–2001), Paul Barnett is a Fellow in Ancient History at Macquarie University, Teaching Fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, and Emeritus Faculty member at Moore College, Sydney. Paul is a prominent author on the history of Christianity and the life and character of Jesus.

The attractiveness of Dr Paul Barnett’s book lies in the clarity and simplicity with which he presents the issues. Dr Barnett brings great understanding of the ancient world and its non-Christian historians, together with an understanding of the New Testament and its claims to history. He is able to show us external evidence for the historicity of the New Testament, and how this dovetails with the internal evidence ... Dr Peter Jensen, Former Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

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