Growing Up by the Book

Growing Up by the Book

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Growing up—it's an exciting time. You're not a child, but you're not an adult either. Your body is changing!

And, you don’t feel like a child. Well, sometimes you still want to cuddle Mum but mostly you want to do things your own way and explore your own identity. And then there’s all this talk about sexuality! So, how do you manage all these changes? How do you decide ‘your way’? Who (or where) do you go to for advice?

Renowned sex therapist and educator Patricia Weerakoon answers the most common questions kids aged 10−14 have about puberty, intimacy and relationships. She’ll get you thinking about how you see your body, what you feed your brain, and who you base your identity on. But growing up is more than just facts; it’s about becoming the best person you can be. You’ll see how living your life the way God intended is best for you, your friends and your family.


ISBN 978-1-925041-43-9
Type Paperback
Pages 133
Released 2014
Imprint Fervr

Patricia Weerakoon has been a sex educator, researcher and therapist in America, Sri Lanka and Australia for more than 25 years. As the director of a graduate sexual health program for the University of Sydney, Patricia worked closely with fellow sexologists in India, Europe, South Africa, America and the United Kingdom. Recently retired, Patricia now lives in Sydney, Australia where she spends her time speaking at conferences and in churches and high schools, and participating in media debates on controversial topics about sex. She is the best-selling author of Teen Sex By the Book.

This book is a must read for parents who wish to encourage and lead their children in a biblically sound understanding of sex ... [Dr Weerakoon] does not avoid the difficult questions and has some excellent reflective questions to ask of her readers while constantly reaffirming the importance of parents in a child's learning experience. Highly recommended.
- Dr Glenn N Davies, Archbishop of Sydney

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