2 Timothy - Finishing the Race

2 Timothy - Finishing the Race

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In an increasingly pluralistic and secular age, what could persuade a person to give up an attractive career and enter full-time Christian ministry? In Finishing the Race, Chris Green encourages readers to identify with Timothy’s fears and failings. In turn, Chris also highlights Paul’s urging to his readers, both in his day and in ours, to keep the faith and finish the race.


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Type eBook
Released 2013; eBook Released 2018
Imprint Aquila Press

Chris Green is vice principal and lectures in pastoral studies at Oak Hill Theological College, London, England. While writing this book, he was minister at Emmanuel Church, Tolworth, Surrey, and was previously an assistant at two other churches near London. He studies in Edinburgh and Durham. He has written commentaries on 2 Peter, Jude and Acts (not in this series), and written or edited several other books on church, ministry and preaching. 

For over three decades I have been longing to see the very able Australian Theologians put their wealth of biblical insights on paper. Finally they did. This series of commentaries has great depth without being too technical. I highly recommend it.
Dr Michael Youssef
Pastor and host of Leading the Way global ministry

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